2021 MV Agusta Superveloce S – Set Phasers To Dribble…

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2021 MV Agusta Superveloce S – Set Phasers To Dribble…


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It’s been a stunning few months of roll outs for MV Agusta, releasing details of their dribble-inducing 2021 range, while sticking to what they know best – making gorgeous and effective motorcycles. This time, it’s the new Superveloce which turns the drool dial up to eleven.

Most manufacturers nowadays are releasing ‘retro’ machines, which tend to be a mix of either an existing model restyled to look the part (eg,Yamaha XSR), or a modern interpretation of a classic using similar mechanical but contemporary parts (Triumph Thruxton). Yet the bikes they’re emulating were either old sports cafe-racer style bikes, or naked machines – there are very few pure sports focussed trips down memory lane. In this regard, MV’s Superveloce line is bang on the money.

That’s because it’s essentially an F3 800 with a period specific haircut as well as other modernistic nods towards times past. The F3 800, if you didn’t already know, is arguably the best middle-weight sportsbike money can buy and in Superveloce guise, has lost none of that effectiveness or sporty pretension. That’s the kind of new millennium retro vibe many will buy into – it looks the part, but has got the goods to put it up against anything new – perfect.

Looks are subjective of course, and many won’t actually like the visage of the SuperV. Mostly crazy people, granted, but there’s no accounting for taste, is there? MV has given the bike excellent proportions in terms of its panels and the stance that carries them. A low-looking rear end with a bulbous’ish fairing screams race bikes from the 1970s, especially with the singular round front headlamp.

The S version is the top draw here, with its yummy white/gold paint and brown Alcantara seat. Even better is the race kit which comes with a period correct looking triple-exit Arrow exhaust (plus required ECU), with two exits on one side and a single outlet on the other – proper job. We can only assume the race kit will fit on the standard SuperV too, but the other thing that sets the S apart from its sisters are those fabulous spoked wheels. They look the utter part, and while there’s nothing wrong with the wheels on the stock versions, these add another modern/classic twist with aplomb.

They do have those bar mounted mirrors which are mostly definitely not everyone’s taste, and can be annoying, but do complete the look of the light-weight 173kg (dry) Italian stallion. It has just under 150bhp at the crank to push those kilos, and because it’s an F3 800 it gets all the goodies one would want including the full gamut of engine and electronics upgrades the rest of the three-pot MV range has benefited from for 2021.

Maybe up/down quick-shifters, traction-control, cornering ABS and so on isn’t in the usual retro keeping, but who’d say no to them? Racers perhaps, and internet gobshites, but most normal buyers will welcome all the aids they can get especially as they’ll help keep whichever Superveloce they choose sunny-side up and still looking as damn fly as the first day they laid eyes on it.

The base versions of the SuperV are basically the same as the S, available in either red or yellow with silver main panels. The wheels are elegant six-spoke affairs, but seeing as all three options are the same kit, whichever you choose will be utterly fabulous although if you opt for the S because of those banging wheels, well, who could blame you?

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