2021 Suzuki GSX-S750 Gets Some New Slap

2021 Suzuki GSX-S750 Gets Some New Slap


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Suzuki’s middle-weight naked hustler, the Suzuki GSX-S750, is one seriously underrated motorcycle. Wait, hang on, it does seem like we use that phrase a lot with Suzuki’s motorcycles, doesn’t it? That’s because in recent times there’s been a general feeling that Suzuki’s sex appeal, for want of a better expression, has been somewhat lacking.

The GSX is a pertinent example of this, as compared to something like a Yamaha MT-09, KTM 890 or even Kawasaki’s latest Z900, it appears quite the more traditional motorcycle, bland and a bit ordinary. It’s said that in terms of food the first bite is with the eye, and that’s the same thing for anything else pretty much. Suzuki’s mostly conservative design ethos means the implied ‘character’ from a beholder’s perspective is barely palpable – it doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t look bad, it just is, which in turn doesn’t say much at all.

However, everything is relative and there will be those out there who prefer this kind of approach. And for those who either like the looks or allow curiosity to get the better of them, and actually try one out, it’s rarely surprising when a test ride ends up in a purchase – see, we’re back to that ‘underrated’ thing yet again!

The GSX, with a modded Suzuki GSX-R750 engine knocking out a class ballpark 100bhp at the wheel, is more than fast enough with a brilliant low-down punch.

Its decent chassis errs on the sporty side of general road going excellence, the brakes are great (but not the best), and the electronic strategies like low-RPM assist, east start system, ABS and traction-control about as effective as others of its ilk.

And now Suzuki has thrown a bit of slap at it for 2021, in what appears to be a scheme linked into their off-roading exploits with the white/yellow combination. It does give it a bit more visual pop over some of their previous colourways, although there is still a black/grey option available should the new one be too garish for you.

There’s also been no better time to try one, either, seeing as Suzuki are currently doing a bit of a deal on them. A price point of £7,999 is already competitive but there’s a test ride incentive that’ll knock £500 off that if the pen is put to paper. They are also doing a 3-year deal at just 3.9% finance with a deposit of £961.11, meaning an £89 per month payment would ensue, if the bike was right for you.

The looks possibly may not suit, but the actual bike may suit you to the ground as it’s a bloody good machine and, coincidentally, a bit of a hoot while it’s at it, too. Taking a test ride would be most recommended if you’re in the market for a middle-weight naked, and there’s something of the plucky undercard about Suzuki these days that’s actually quite endearing because after all, who doesn’t love an underdog?

For more info on the Suzuki GSX-S750 and the current offers, head over to Suzuki UK’s website for much more.

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