Custom Bikes


We will tailor a policy to suit your needs.

Like to customise your bikes, having them unique and unlike no other?

We can relate as we are a bike insurance company unlike no other.

So, we understand that having a custom bike is like an extension of your character, and you get to express your individuality in a mechanical form. But sometimes, being unique can cause some insurances to rocket sky-high because they cannot put your bike in one specific category. But here at Bike Devil, we embrace individuality and mainly base your insurance quote off you as a person.

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What is a Custom Bike?

A custom bike is essentially a bike that has modifications either internally or externally to make it unique. Custom bikes can either be built by yourself using custom parts or specially designed and built by a garage. The typical modifications that you could have on a motorcycle are as follows:

  • Security modifications – Helping improve the protection of your bike to keep it safe when not being used.
  • Performance modifications – Increasing the speed of the bike and overall running mechanisms.
  • Safety modifications – Improving the handling of the bike to keep you safe on the road.
  • Physical modifications – Making the bike look more appealing by changing its exterior look.
  • Practical modifications – Helping to make your ride more comfortable and suit your everyday needs. E.g. Adding a bike box.

Pros & Cons Of having a Custom Bike

One pro is that when buying Custom Bike insurance with Bike Devil, unlike other insurers, we have no limitation on how many modifications you have on your bike, meaning you can go as crazy and unique as you like. But it is no surprise that a con of having a custom bike is the more modifications you make, the more likely your insurance premium will increase as your bike becomes more valuable.

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