High Performance Bikes


Low premium, high quality insurance products for high performance bikes.

When purchasing a High Performance motorcycle, you know they are designed with the best technology and built for speed.

You will also know that riding a High Performance motorcycle can be an uncomfortable ride when travelling long distances.

But they are superb on those days you get to whip it around a racetrack on a track day experience and live out your fantasy of being in the British Superbike Championship (BSB) or MotoGP.

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We can relate

If you are new to Bike Devil, you may not know that we were previously known as Bike Animal, and we were involved in quite a few of the British Superbike Championship and the Isle of Man TT races (Tourist Trophy races). So, we know a thing or two about High Performance motorcycles and how thrilling they can be.

Getting a fair price

High Performance motorcycles are popular within the biking world, as you may know, and so there is a high demand for them. So, as you can imagine, a fast motorcycle plus an increase in demand can only result in an insurance premium increase. But do not let that deter you! As we take into consideration the capacity of the motorcycle, rider history and experience. And with all of these points considered, it can help shrink your premium. But if you are looking to decrease your premium even further, we recommend taking some security precautions because jealous criminals usually target these motorcycles, as they are desirable to have.


Also, if you are looking for extra protection, you can purchase add-ons in conjunction with your policy and here are some that we offer:

  • Helmet and leather cover
  • Key cover
  • U.K Breakdown cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Protected Excess
  • Legal defence
  • Gadget Cover

Not only that, all of our policies come with £100,000 worth of free legal cover.

So, trust in Bike Devil to treat you as an individual and get you the best price possible.

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