We will tailor a policy to suit your needs.

Not only do we cover motorcycles, but we can also cover scooters and mopeds.

Sometimes you need to start small to build yourself up to the “big boy” bikes, and there is no shame in that, and this is a great start when it comes to building your confidence on two wheels!

Or even if it is time that you need to downgrade but do not want to give up the two-wheel lifestyle. Whatever the circumstance is, trust in us to get you the fairest price.

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Difference between a Scooter & a Moped?

Mopeds and Scooters are very similar in appearance but are quite different under the hood. Mopeds also tend to have an engine size under 50cc, and you can ride them from the age of 16 years old. As a result, it does make them illegal to ride on the motorway from where they can only hit speeds of around 25-40mph. On the other hand, Scooters have an engine size between 50cc and 250cc, and you can ride them on the motorway, but you have to be 17+ to ride them.

Riding with L plates on a Moped or a Scooter

If you are starting to ride and only hold a provisional licence, you will need to take a CBT course before you can start riding a moped, and once you pass your course, you will need to display L plates until you pass your full moped test. But, if you passed your car driving test within two years of completing your CBT, then it will not be compulsory to take a moped test, and you can then ride without L plates. Or, if you received your full car licence on or after the 1st of February 2001, to be able to ride without L plates, you would need to complete a CBT course. But, if you obtained your full car licence before the 1st of February 2001, you are legally allowed to drive a moped without L plates straight away. And in all of these cases, if you want to ride a scooter with an engine size of 50cc+, you must take a CBT test and display L plates until you pass your full motorcycle licence.

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