BSB Delayed Until June

June British Superbikes

BSB Delayed Until June

British Superbikes has been delayed a little longer than we expected, but that’s a good thing, because it’s about us. Oh, and money too, obviously…

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Yes, we now have to wait an agonising few months more before we get to see the best national motorcycle racing series in the world grace our TV sets. And, hopefully, a good deal of actual physical eyeballs, too.

This is why the weekend of June 25th- 27th will see engines and egos brought roaring back to life at Oulton Park – because by then, we may be able to genuinely attend, like, for reals. For regular racegoers, this will make for fabulous news, even if it means waiting longer for it to happen. For everyone else, you’ll just have to hang on to MotoGP for a bit (starting this very incoming weekend!) while the weeks tick by for both BSB and WSB to arrive at their respective late starts in 2021.

This is all, of course, dependent on the whole Covid thing playing ball and pushing the hell off. We’ve had false dawns before, but the rapid vaccination program gives hope to the provisional date of June 21st remaining as the day spectator restrictions are eased. In the world of stadium sports, they’re looking at around ten percent capacity to begin with. If we think a huge stadium has a lot of real estate to keep folks apart, race tracks shouldn’t be a problem at all bar the choke points, especially places such as Silverstone and the like.

June British Superbikes

Which should bring in some much needed funds to said tracks and the organisations that rely on them, to keep a roof over their collective heads, so to speak. Most entertainment industries have been decimated by the pandemic, this includes forms of top-level racing, and frankly, it’s a miracle the BSB grids are going to be nice and busy again given the circumstances.

Obviously, this means there’s had to be some swapping about with the rest of the race calendar, but the result is a compacted season where the races come thick and fast every couple of weeks. It is fabulous for us, whether watching on telly or live on the ground, yet horrible for any racer trying to come back from a nasty ouchie!

If you want to attend around, chances are tickets will be limited, so keep an eye on the BSB website for that glorious moment when your clicking finger can get busy! As for which round to go to, you can choose from the brand new calendar listed below – can’t wait!

  1. June 25/27 – Oulton Park
  2. July 9/11 – Knockhill
  3. July 23/25 – Brands Hatch GP
  4. July 30/Aug 1 – Truxton
  5. August 13/15 – Donnington Park National
  6. August 20/22 – Cadwell Park
  7. September 3/5 – Snetterton 300
  8. September 10/12 – Silverstone National
  9. September 24/26 – Oulton Park
  10. October 1/3 – Donington Park GP
  11. October 15/17 – Brand Hatch GP
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#StaySafe, #StayAlert, #StayPositive and keep washing those hands (yes, it’s still important!).


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