Get your Mate on Two Wheels in 2020

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Get your Mate on Two Wheels in 2020

Have you got that one mate that hasn’t joined the world of motorcycling yet?

We think 2020 should be the year you change their mind and we’re here to help. All you have to do is send them the link to this web page!

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There are many great reasons to become part of the world on two wheels. The ones we’ve included below are just the tip of the iceberg, but we think they provide enough justification to add a motorcycle to your life.

Upgrade your commute

A standard commute tends to involve a time-wasting traffic jam or an unpleasant squeeze alongside complete strangers on public transport. Both of which make for a longer commute than you need and vastly add to the amount of stress in your life.

With a bike you can filter past those rush hour traffic jams, (as long as it’s safe to do so, mind) and save yourself a load of time. Being able to set your alarm a little later in the morning and getting home earlier sounds pretty good doesn’t it? And there’s no rush to get that last seat on the bus or train.

Another benefit is that it’s a lot easier to park a bike, than find a parking space for a car. Most work places and shops have dedicated motorcycle parking close to the front door and it’s often free.

Simply put, a commute on two wheels is quicker, quieter, a lot less stressful, but most importantly, way more fun!

Save money

Any vehicle comes with costs: buying the vehicle, buying bike kit, buying accessories, insuring it, servicing it, etc. However, in many circumstances two wheels can be cheaper than four.

To start with, it is generally cheaper to buy a bike than a car, especially when you’re just starting out. By extension, the insurance, road tax and servicing costs don’t cost as much either! Win, win, win! You’ll have some spare cash to spend on whatever you want: a present to yourself, putting towards a holiday or buying that mate a drink that convinced you to get a bike.

Kitting yourself out with all the clothing you’ll need might not set you back as much as you might think either, you also don’t have to look like a Power Ranger – unless you want to of course!

And of course, an annual rail ticket is worth precisely nothing at the end of your yearly commute, but your bike, it will still have value and offer you the opportunity to trade up or down.

Become part of a community

Whether you plan to learn to get your knee down on track, commute to work or explore off-road, the motorcycling community receives new members with open arms. You could find that you’ve never had so many friends!

Check out your local bike café to find out what’s going on in your area and you never know who you might meet. Then there are the bike shows you can attend like the MCN London Show or Motorcycle Live at the NEC. Or if you’re into your racing, you could find a group of people travelling to the Isle of Man for the TT or taking a road trip to Europe for MotoGP. The possibilities are endless.

Be a happier you

We’re a big believer that bikes make you happier and aren’t just for getting from A to B – they’re there for enjoying too. They give you another reason for hanging out with your mates. You can just go for a ride together and see somewhere you wouldn’t normally, you could even find out a bit more about motorcycling – for example, the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience allows people to get up close to some of the most iconic Triumphs of all time. Or just head out on your own to escape it all.

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Also it’s just more fun! Have we convinced you to start looking into it yet? Hopefully that’s a yes.


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