New Product Round Up

New Product Round Up


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Seeing as MV Agusta haven’t released details of yet another updated bike in the last five minutes (checks email to be sure…), let’s catch up with some new products instead. The biking product landscape is an ever-changing, morphing and updated landscape, from the smallest tool to the latest lid or enough quality luggage to fit more than one kitchen sink into. There’s always something new, or handy, or hopeless, for us to gawk at and either dismiss or desire as we see fit. Here are some of the latest to be revealed.

LS2 FF902

From £119.99

Do you love yourself a flip-front lid? Many do, many don’t, but if you’re in the ‘do’ camp and are on a bit of a budget, look no further than LS2’s interestingly named FF902 Scope. Which somewhat sounds like a robot from Star Wars, though the double F is of course, for flip-front. Certified up to ECE 22.05, which definitely means at least something, it’s fabricated in three shell sizes and can accommodate XS – 2XL shaped bonces.

The Pinlock ready, quick-release and scratch-resistant visor never gets lonely as there’s a retractable internal sun-visor (another opinion dividing modern feature), fitted within the shell structure to keep your eyes safe from the sun. The extra comfort, breathable and hypoallergenic liner is both removable and washable. A ratchet/buckle system eschews the traditional D-ring arrangement to keep the Scope nice and tight, there’s plenty of venting and the flip function is easily to use with a satisfying ‘click’ audible when moved to the full-face position. The price above is for base colours, with more intricate graphics adding a tenner to make them £129.99. As budget flip-fronts go, this a decent one.

Suzuki Hayabusa Akrapovic Slip-Ons

£2,876.05 (!!!)

Are you one of the lucky folks to get their mitts on a shiny new Suzuki Hayabusa? Do you have a huge amount of money left over? Well, maybe you’d like to see your warp-speed crotch-rocket fitted with Suzuki’s official Akprapovic slip on cans? Yes? Ace, that’ll be the best part of £3,000, please… for cans… not even a full-system… you can buy a full titanium system for a Ducati for that much cash – A DUCATI! That’s around a fifth of the cost of the entire bike at £16,499, for cans… We think you get the point, but now we’re over that bit we must say that while they are indeed a pricey set of bolt-ons they are, admittedly, a cracking set of cans nonetheless. Fashioned from titanium, with carbon-fibre tips and foot-guards, you just know that everything will fit perfectly because Akrapovic do their homework to create quality gear. They have a two-year warranty, the catch being that if you have them fitted when you buy the bike, that adds another year to make it three. That’s also the time many owners will be able to swallow the price, wrapped up in a finance deal for the bike, which of course they can accommodate. One last point: if you’re after exhausts that add a half decent wallop of performance, you may want to hold fire. These are official, so having to adhere to many restrictions means performance gains will be minimal. There are of course many other official accessories available for the ‘Busa too which won’t make you spit your lunch out, check them out on Suzuki’s website.

Weise Cabot Jacket


Weise clothing have delved into the past a tad with their new Cabot jacket – named after a 15th century explorer, which may sound like a nice nod to the gentleman in question, but is probably more to do with then having a plausible excuse to get words like ‘discovery’ and ‘journey’ into any marketing material… Oh, so cynical, perhaps, but not so about the jacket itself as it looks proper lush. Built via fully natural 1.2–1.4mm cowhide and available in any colour you like so long as it’s black, there’s more than a bit of the retro-modern 1980s look about it. It sports decent YKK zippers, and there’s a ring-zip to attach to trousers should you so wish. Three outer pockets are joined by three internal ones meaning, erm, you get a lot of pockets. The quilted thermal liner is removable (and washable) for when you’ve made it all smelly, while the neoprene collar will caress your neck gently like your favourite lover. There is armour involved, CE approved no less in the elbow, shoulder and back departments, which can all be removed if you’re hard as nails. It comes in sizes 40-50 and, all in all, seems to be a terrific choice when it comes to choosing a new jacket.

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