Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorbike Servicing and DIY Maintenance

Motorcycle Servicing Tips to save you a tidy sum!

All-year-round Motorcycle Servicing and Maintenance tips

Some motorcyclists in the UK are all-weather riders and some prefer to ride when only the sun shines – either way it’s important to keep up to date with motorbike servicing and maintenance to make sure your bike or scooter is running as it should – and you don’t have to be a fully trained mechanic to nail the basics…

Get to know your bike

Depending on the brand and age of your bike, it will have its own quirks – get to know them! The dealer or previous owner will have given you the heads-up but learn the noises you expect from the bike and then you’ll notice the ones that shouldn’t be there to give you the heads up there’s something wrong.

Do your research – either online or by reading the appropriate Motorbike servicing manual – know how and when things should be checked and keep up to date.

Little and often

Check your tyres. It’s important there are no lumps, bumps or tears as well as having the right level of tread (we all know the 20p test!). Your tyres are pretty important – ultimately they’re the only thing connecting you to the road! And illegal tyres could affect the validity of your bike insurance.

Give your brake pads a quick check for wear. You might need a torch to have a good look, but just take a glance into the calipers and make sure you have enough pad left.

Oil, coolant, brake fluid… if it’s easily visible, then give it a check. It’ll take you two seconds and could make the difference between a good ride out and a disaster. This comes back to getting to know your bike – as some may use more than others. The weather may have an impact too so bear this in mind.

Prevention is better than the cure

Some UK motorcyclists love looking after their chain during their routine Motorbike servicing , some hate it – but either way it’s important – unless you have a belt driven machine that is! Ensuring your chain is clean and well lubricated is extremely important. All those pesky bits of dirt and dust can make it wear unnecessarily and also damage the sprockets over time. Check it’s at the correct the tension too – this is something else you will find in your manual – handy thing really…

Give your air filter a good clean. These can become pretty dirty – and sometimes if your bike has been left for a while, mice find them good homes. Once removed, spray with some compressed air to get the bulk off and then wash gently in a bucket of warm water with mild soap and rinse a few times. Then let it dry and refit.

How many people let their batteries go dead over winter? We’d suggest keeping your battery on a trickle charger if you’re not going to use the bike for a while. Check it regularly to ensure the connectors are on securely and everything is clean and corrosion free, just simple tips for home Motorbike servicing !