Stunning 2021 MV Agusta Rush Revealed

Stunning 2021 MV Agusta Rush Revealed


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A few years ago iconic MV Agusta frontman, Giovanni Castiglioni, said to this very scribe that they were going to reinvent the large capacity Brutale, and when they did it would be the most powerful Supernaked on the market. And, he was right…

Well, for a little while anyway, seeing as Ducati subsequently released their Streetfighter which claims the exact same power figure, 208bhp, as the Brutale. It didn’t diminish the Brutale though, in fact MV Agusta now are a little like Ducati was the 1990s – making just enough ultra-desirable bikes for everyone to want, but not enough for everyone to have, or afford.

This means they sell everything they make, but they also started making specials again, and few are as bonkers nuts special as their new Rush. The Rush, especially in race trim when everything from the stylish box is fitted, looks downright evil, in the best possible way. This is a bike that visually flicks you the bird and stirs one’s loins at the same time, that exotic, near priceless balance of desire and terror so few ever actually achieve. If Batman chose the Rush as his ride, he wouldn’t look out of place, would he? It’s no accident that MV’s tag line for the bike is ‘beast mode’!

Obviously, the Rush uses the Brutale 1000 as its platform, and when it came to the latest version MV didn’t cock about. They fitted their most potent engine, that from the F4 RC, tweaked it a little, but otherwise gave some people what they always wanted – a Supernaked with an almost untouched, full beans Superbike engine fitted. No messing.

For 2021 MV hasn’t stood still, after all the RC motor is six years old now and there are all those pesky Euro regs to think about too. A new DLC coating has been lathered where needed, the timing is updated via cam-phasing for more low-down shove, the primary drive is new and the clutch has been beefed up to cope with anybody who can’t stop using the new launch-control system every time they’re at the traffic lights. And we thought a bike that came with titanium con-rods and valves was already pretty special!

Like all 2021 MVs the Rush gets the latest iteration of their electronics, including a serious upgrade to traction-control and a refined anti-wheelie app which will happily let you cock about if you know what you’re doing. Add to that cruise-control, up/down quick-shifting, top spec’ cornering ABS plus a sweet dash and smartphone app to control it all, and the Rush is stacked.

It’s got the very best Ohlins electronic suspension they make too, front and rear, plus Brembo’s finest Stylema calipers to complete the rest of the utter awesomeness. Then we get to the box of goodies and, oh my, MV really know how to sell ‘special’! In there is the SC-Project twin-stack race exhaust and accompanying ECU, a veritable stack of CNC and carbon goodies and even a cover to wrap her in, when she’s having a nap. Stick all that on and the Rush goes from incredible to amazing – and there will only be 300 chances for you to achieve amazing because that’s all they’re making.

Throw in a three-year warranty, a ballpark dry weight figure of 186kg (184kg after kit applied), carbon-fibre wings, a natty leather Alcantara seat and unbelievably cool wheels, and the Rush is complete. It’s not cheap though, last year’s version was £29,290 before you added the box of delights and although the 2021 price is still TBC, we can’t imagine MV selling the new one for less!

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