Treating Customers Fairly


Quotations, Sales and Services

We will only offer customers products which we believe are suitable to their needs. We will ensure that all significant information is given to the customer to allow them to make an informed decision, these may include the policy benefits, terms and conditions and the full price. We will not put unforeseen or unreasonable barriers or costs in the way of customers wishing to cancel or amend their policies. We are committed to providing high and consistent levels of customer service which will be subject to constant monitoring and review.


If any customers wish to make a complaint, we will listen, record and act in a fair and reasonable manner, with the aim of resolving the complaint at the earliest opportunity. Our complaints procedure may give customers comfort that if, ultimately, we are unable to resolve any complaint, they may take their case to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the appropriate regulator.


We work with a number of insurers, to bring the customer the best product suited to their needs within the specified market.

Bike, Body and Mind

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  • Instant Advice and Support
  • Full Physiotherapy Support
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Specialist Motorcycle Legal Panel
  • Motorcycle Hire, if Required
  • Motorcycle Replacement

Peace of Mind – Bike Devil will manage and monitor your Motorcycle claims case requirements from start to finish we are your guaranteed quality control

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