Wait, What Now?! Triumph Moves Into Motocross, Like, Properly!

Wait, What Now?! Triumph Moves Into Motocross, Like, Properly!


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Aside from those few in the know, Triumph’s decision to enter the off-road competition market has come out of the blue. It’s actually quite hard to know what to make of it with so little actual information on offer, except promises and significant hook-ups with some big names in the dirt arena. None other than worldwide MX phenomenon Ricky Carmichael is fully onboard and already rocking a Triumph top, joining five-time World Endurance champion Ivan Cervantes in the development team. Oh yeah, they’re also going big into Enduro, too!

Work on the actual bikes for both disciplines is apparently well underway, but aside from that, there are no other mechanical details to pontificate on just yet. Despite not being able to show anything off, many of those involved are pretty stoked about the whole gig:

“I am thrilled to announce that I am joining the Triumph family and even more excited to be a part of their new endeavour into the off-road product category”, said Carmichael, “This is an incredible opportunity for me to join this historic brand, and I am honoured and humbled to be a part of the development and release of their off-road motorcycles. Building something from the ground up is something that really is intriguing to me at this stage of my career. What is impressive to me is Triumph’s dedication, and passion to develop a top of the class product. Everyone that I have been involved with in this project from the engineers, design groups, R&D dept., etc., have shown extreme passion for what they are doing and that is a recipe for success and something that I love being a part of.
We all share that same passion, and that’s to be the best”.

Meanwhile, Triumph CEO Nick Bloor’s contribution adds further weight to the fact they’re serious about this:

“Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Triumph brand,
which everyone at Triumph is incredibly excited to be part of. We are 100% committed
to making a long-lasting impact in this highly competitive and demanding world, with a single-minded ambition to deliver a winning motorcycle line-up for a whole new
generation of Triumph riders”.

Ivan Cervantes said:
“I have loved Triumph motorcycles right from being a small kid, seeing them in films and on television. So to be working with Triumph from the beginning of this project is an amazing opportunity for me, not just because it is working with one of the world’s greatest motorcycle brands, but also for being part of building something from zero. It is a dream come true for any racer!”.

Meanwhile, the rest of the planet said:
“What the hell just happened?!”.

It’s a fair question, seeing as Triumph has been focussing on their heritage a great deal in recent years, upgrading popular models, hammering home their retro-modern slant and so on. They continue to eschew the sports bike market pretty much, for the time being at least, so the move into MX is something of a shock. Enduro not so much, given the Tiger range, but the move to compete and win at the highest level of both is some target. Other manufacturers have decades of winning knowledge behind them and the trophy cabinets to back up their expertise. Triumph are coming into it fresh-faced and eager, attempting to build the base with which to move onwards and upwards in the future. It’s a bold endeavour, one which isn’t going to be easy at all, so kudos for giving it a go. While you’re feeling so peppy then, Triumph, how about that new Daytona we’ve all be waiting on, too?

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