What you CAN do during Lock down…

Motorcycle Maintenance

What you CAN do during Lock down…

The world is weird right now, we understand.

With everything aside from ‘essential travel’ being banned and enforced by the Police, it’s easy to feel like your motorcycling thirst is hard to quench. So, we thought we’d put together a list of the motorcycling related things you CAN do during the lockdown…

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1. Get up to date with some motorcycle maintenance

It’s a great opportunity to crack on with those jobs you’ve been putting off until you ‘have a bit of time’. Get yourself in the garage and do those tasks you’ve been planning for a while – whether that’s an at-home service or wiring in that 12V port, now is your time!

2. Clean, clean and clean again!

When was the last time your two-wheeled love had a good deep clean? For many – us included – it’s been a while. We’re usually too busy riding to be honest! So now is your chance! You can spend hours cleaning your bike – especially if you do it properly. If you’ve got an afternoon and just want to give it the quick once over, or if you want to eek it out over a few weekends, then you can get right into the nooks and crannies.

3. Refresh your kite

It’s not just your bike that you can spend time giving a little TLC – why not get your riding kit out and give it a little spruce, ready and prepared for when you can use it again? It’s a great time to get thermal liners in the wash, empty all the pockets and make sure that you didn’t put it away damp. It’s also a good opportunity to give your helmet a good clean – we’re not just talking about cleaning the visor, we’re talking ‘ear-buds-to-clean-the-vents-and-wash-the-liner’ type clean…

While you’ve got the liners of your helmet out, why not finally put in that comms system that you bought and never got round to fitting?

4. Plan an epic trip

While you physically can’t go anywhere, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan your dream trip. Pull out the maps – or Google Maps if you’re a modern type – and get researching. It doesn’t matter if it’s an around the world ride or a few weekend jaunts in the UK, you can spend some quality time planning…

Already completed the trip you’ve always wanted? Why not build a photo book or scrapbook of your favourite moments and get it printed off as a momento – you’ll be amazed how much you smile looking back at the pictures and videos.

5. Get your riding fix online

Don’t forget, there are thousands of others feeling the same as you are – so why not get interactive? There may be a local riders group on social media, a manufacturer’s riding group or your usual riding mates, then chat with them about all things two wheeled.

Many of the race championships are also looking at different ways to engage with fans given that there is no racing at the moment. MotoGP held a virtual round – very modern – and they’ve also made their Video Pass free so you can watch a whole host of exclusive and archive video content with no fee.

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So, there you have it! Our top five tips on what you CAN do during the lockdown. Be sure to head over to our Facebook channels if you can think of any more…

#StaySafe, #StayAlert, #StayPositive and keep washing those hands (yes, it’s still important!).


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