2021 Suzuki V-Strom 1050 – New Colours

2021 Suzuki V-Strom 1050 – New Colours

Fresh off the back from last week’s reveal of the new-not-so-new-but-still-cool GSX-S1000, Suzuki have revealed the various hues their darn handy V-Strom 1050 adventure bikes will appear in – and aren’t they purdy?

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Here are the new colours for both the stock machine and the slightly more Gucci XT (and XT Tour) variant. What makes the XT the one you may prefer? Well, the XT Tour comes with pukka spoked wheels, pre-fitted engine bars, hand guards and of course with the Tour, lots of luggage. If you’re thinking of buying a stocker and sticking the same official parts on, the XT Tour apparently saves you £370 were you to buy the parts individually.

But would you want to? Yes it’s nice having extra stuff, but the three-spoke alloy wheels of the stocker aren’t bad, and the bike comes in at a penny under £10,000, the XT is £11,599 whereas the XT Tour opens the wallet a little further at £12,799. Even so, the trio are still very well priced adventure bikes that will do almost exactly the same job as rivals costing many thousands more.

And you still get a proper old-school V-twin lump thumping out a modest 100bhp or so at the wheel (107bhp claimed), but with a throaty 100Nm of torque to scooch you along whatever road or trail you care to throw it down. And just like the GSX-S1000 we spoke about last week, the V-Strom is a hugely underrated motorcycle – which is something that applies to a lot of Suzuki’s range, in honesty. It’s because some of the general perception is a lack of sexiness, which sort of goes hand in hand with the affordable pricing but, genuinely, they are excellent machines that still have bells and whistles aplenty.

Traction-control – check! Riding modes – check! Cornering ABS – check! Cruise-control – check! See, they’ve got all the goodies one would ever want, plus a low-rpm assist and east-start system. What else could you want? Perhaps a paint scheme inspired by an iconic Suzuki from the past such as, say a DR750? Suzuki have you covered with both an orange and white version plus a new, graphite/blue option too. There’s even an RM-Z crosser’esque yellow option, if that’s your thing.

Elsewhere we have 112-litres of empty space available in the luggage pack, they weigh in around 236kg fully wet, have an 855mm seat height and a whopping enough fuel capacity of 20-litres. There is even, as we write, a (time sensitive) £750 deduction available if you decide to buy after a test ride. It’s also worth noting that Suzuki always have several great rotating offers and incentives attached to their biking range.

For more info head over to Suzuki UK’s website, or contact your local dealer.

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