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Whilst we hope that you stay incident-free accidents do happen. If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident then Bike Devil Accident Support and bike accident claims support are here to help you.

Our UK based Support Centre is waiting to help you – call us on 0330 912 2659

An accident, whoever is to blame, can be a very stressful and time consuming experience. Bike Devil offer a personalised service designed to remove the stress and get you back on the road as efficiently as possible with our emphasis on you first and then your Motorcycle.

If you just need advice or immediate assistance just contact us on 0330 912 2659

It is our sole aim to put you and your bike at the heart of the process and whilst our carefully selected Motorcycling solicitors work to resolve your Motorcycle claim on your behalf, we will arrange, where appropriate, to get you the very best physiotherapy and psychological treatment as well as assist you to obtain a replacement Motorcycle for you as soon as possible after the event.

This both benefits you and mitigates the insurers loss caused by their insured’s negligence.

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What to do next…

Contact Us if you have to make a Bike Accident claim, you will need to give us the following information:

  • The date, time and place of the incident
  • Your registration number
  • Details of any other vehicle involved
  • Your name and address
  • Your policy number and country of registration.
  • You will also need to tell us as much as you can about the circumstances of the incident. If you can do a quick sketch of the scene and position of the vehicles, that can be really helpful.

Don’t worry, if in doubt just call us, we will guide and support you. We will deal with your claim for all your insured and uninsured losses.

Example of uninsured losses:

  • A policy excess that you have paid
  • Loss of earnings
  • Hire charges for alternative transport (all types of motorcycles available)
  • Medical fees
  • Loss of use
  • Compensation for injury
  • Helmets, Gloves and other accessories
  • Getting your Bike repaired or Finding a new Motorcycle
  • If your vehicle needs to be repaired, we have a nationwide network of partnership repairers who can arrange to start work with minimum delay. We can arrange collection and re-delivery for you. All our partnership repairers have been specially chosen by us to ensure a high standard of service and quality work. This is constantly under review by Bike Devil Accident Support. If your motorcycle cannot be repaired, or the repair costs exceed the market value, it will be declared a total loss. Once this is determined, we will move the vehicle to storage. Please make sure all your personal items are removed. Before settling a claim the insurance company will require:
  • Your certificate of motorbike insurance
  • The vehicle registration document (V5)
  • The MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • All sets of keys
  • The vehicle purchase receipt
  • Details of any outstanding finance
  • Any other documentation you may wish the insurance company to take into account when valuing your vehicle (such as the service history).
  • An engineer will call you to agree a valuation subject to deductions for policy excess, finance and insurance premium yet to be paid. Once you have accepted the Motorcycle claims settlement amount, a cheque will be issued to you as soon as possible (depending on who you are insured with).

I’m not insured with Bike Devil…

Bike Devil Accident Claims Support provides you with professional help when you need it most. Even with comprehensive motor insurance you can still be left with a number of unforeseen expenses following a motor accident, even if you were not to blame. Bike Devil can assist you to seek compensation through our support services and panel of specialist solicitors for any uninsured losses which you may have incurred.

All our suppliers and solicitors are experienced in dealing with motorcycle related issues.

Our Motorcycle Claims Support Services:

  • Any solicitor’s costs will normally be met by the insurance company of the negligent driver. Uninsured losses could include:
  • A policy excess that you have paid
  • Vehicle repair (if third party cover)
  • Hire charges for alternative transport (all types of motorcycles available)
  • Dealing with salvage for un-repairable motorcycles
  • Replacement Helmet (daily basis)
  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical fees
  • Loss of use
  • Compensation for injury
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Damage to personal items
  • Loss In Value

If someone else was to blame for the accident and there are reasonable prospects of recovery, it is possible to claim for uninsured losses from the third party at fault. It is no longer necessary to wait for an insurance claim to be settled before you are back on the road following an accident.

Bike, Body and Mind

Call us now on 0330 912 2659

  • Instant Advice and Support
  • Full Physiotherapy Support
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Specialist Motorcycle Legal Panel
  • Motorcycle Hire, if Required
  • Motorcycle Replacement

Peace of Mind – Bike Devil will manage and monitor your Motorcycle claims case requirements from start to finish we are your guaranteed quality control

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Accident Care Services

P.S. How are you feeling?

We know motorcyclists are made of tougher stuff than your average Premier League footballer and once the bike is sorted you will need looking at.

Our preferred panel of physiotherapists is run by a professional sports-centric physiotherapist with experience in sports physio at the highest level. Their oversight of your care, rehabilitation and support wherever you live in the UK will help you get back on the Motorbike at the earliest possible opportunity and will not only ensure you get to the point where you are riding again but will recommend a range of products (most of the costs are likely recoverable from the insurer) which will help ensure any future medical issues caused directly by the accident are reduced as much as possible.

Many Motorcyclists often suffer some form of nervousness and reticence after being involved in an accident which can blight your confidence and in some extreme cases can force you to give up completely due to the fear of returning to the road despite Motorcycling still being statistically a very safe way of getting around. We want you to continue enjoying your rides and therefore our experts will often recommend upon initial assessment a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

This all means you get back on the bike quicker and will allow you to resume cycling in the same way as you did before and in whatever way you enjoy from a ride on the track, travelling to work, screaming down muddy tracks to getting the “buzz” back. Its all we care about!

“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”
~ Eddy Merckx