Breakdown Recovery


Award Winning UK Car Breakdown and Recovery Cover from AutoAid


As a Motorcyclist you yearn for the freedom of the open road; if you breakdown you need assistance fast. AutoAid Breakdown, whom may see have seen is a co-sponsor with us with our British Superbike Teams, is also a top pick of the Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert for fully comprehensive Bike Breakdown Recovery cover.

You will receive the benefit of a wide-range breakdown cover which includes home start, roadside assistance, vehicle and passenger recovery, cover for caravans or small trailers, emergency travel or overnight accommodation and cover for theft or vandalism, everything you need to keep your journey going!

AutoAid is personal based which means you will be covered in any eligible vehicle you are driving at the time of a breakdown, which means whether you’re riding a Motorcycle or driving a Car you will be covered! Not only that, you can add your spouse, civil partner or common law partner to your policy free of charge, so you will have the peace of mind knowing that if they breakdown and you are not around to help, then they can get assistance from AutoAid.

Autonational Rescue Breakdown Recovery Services


If you have one motorcycle which is used by family and friends then Autonational is for you! With our 3 different levels of cover you can choose a cover that specifically suits your needs. Also, if you have a second motorcycle you can get that covered for half the price. (Also applicable to Cars).


Roadside assistance is the most basic cover, therefore If you breakdown on the roadside we will send a recovery agent to come help get you back up and running again, simple!


The second level of cover is Roadside and Recovery . So, if your motorcycle cannot be repaired on the roadside then recovery will be arranged for your motorcycle and any passengers to a destination of your choice, because nobody wants to be left outside in the cold on their motorcycle.


Finally the last level of cover is Total UK. Not only does this cover provide roadside assistance and recovery it also covers breakdown outside your home and alternative travel or overnight accommodation if you breakdown away from home.

Euro Rescue - Providers of European Breakdown Cover


Looking beyond the UK ?

If you are motoring in and around Europe, then breakdown cover is a must and EuroRescue has just the right European breakdown cover! Eurorescue ensures that it takes the worrying out of riding abroad with an English-speaking control center which provides assistance and help in Europe and Ireland.

There are three key levels of service to choose from which are Eurobreak, Eurorescue and Eurorescue Plus. Each of these policies offer different benefits depending on your needs with each level of cover competitively priced.)


If you are looking for a relaxing European break for up to 3 days, whether that be a weekend or a few days during the week, then a Euro Break policy is the one for you! The benefits of this cover include car hire, emergency accommodation and Bike Breakdown Recovery of your vehicle!


Or if you are someone that likes to travel to Europe for more than three days, making a bit more of a holiday out of your trip, then why not take a look at Euro Rescue. Which provides a lot more benefits than EuroBreak as well as annual cover, for those who travel more often.


Finally, there is Euro Rescue Plus, which quite literally is everything that Euro Break and Euro Rescue cover PLUS more! With this cover you will have the security of knowing you have that little extra covered for example, spare parts and UK car hire.