Bike Devil MV Agusta: 2019 Team Blog

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Bike Devil MV Agusta: 2019 Team Blog

We didn’t get the results or the odd bit of luck we needed to perform at the level we knew we could, Gino and the bike showed good pace and around the top 10 in free practice sessions.

Lots to look at and evaluate for sure, but we will take away that we showed good pace, and in sessions, were able to follow the leading riders which is invaluable to getting data for the project and 2020.

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After our final round of the year as a Team, we have managed to sit down and evaluate the season we had. Coming in, partway through the season, we knew that It would be difficult; however, we have been successful in the past with challenges and always come out on top, and for us, this challenge was no different.

The rider swap we had to make a few rounds back was not ideal and meant we took some sideways steps to move forward. In the end, after the unfortunate situation with James Ellison and Danny Kent before, we agreed a deal with Gino who has been great for the team and honestly a breath of fresh air.

His focus and professionalism is excellent to work with, and I am sure we both know now what to do to take it forward. We have worked hard with the crew and rider to see if we can get the best from the package and learn as much as we can. Have we got the best from it? Nowhere close yet…

New updates and improving the package is key to the next few weeks and getting testing in December before the testing ban is enforced on 31st December.

This is something with some more testing and ensuring no matter what. We get the best machinery we can for the rider we can be well within the points next season.

Riders? – well, you will have to wait and see.

Bike Devil? – Stay Tuned, Keep Logged on and maybe they will Ride Out…

We intend to return to the Supersport class as well, alongside our Superbike commitment and we know we can be a big team around the paddock next year.

There will be lots of social media and also a new website coming soon so watch this space for rider announcements and even some competitions during the Winter to keep you updated with what we are doing.


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